Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Getting to grips

Deciding to get a grip this morning. Chased payment on my last invoice (somehow overlooked) learned what I have to do about preparing my tax, and sent off my new short story to a competition. I generally got a grip. This included going to the gym, which I did gingerly but it was better than nothing and I suffered no ill effects afterwards. A lovely day, as days after a bank holiday usually are. Home through the park in the sun.

In the evening another read through rehearsal with Beth, Kitty and Dylan after pasta and salad which Beth and I prepared, and was ready for when Lorraine got home.  The show is two weeks away and it wasn't our best rehearsal. I'm trying not to twitch, but instead project calm and belief. I hope it's working. Calliope joining the process, and siting on Kitty, who ironically, likes cats but is allergic to them.

Restarted my duo lingo French course, rebooting it so I could start afresh. Lorraine started it today, and sat on the sofa talking French to her iPad for some time. Beth finding this funny.

To bed.

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