Saturday, May 14, 2016

Offering folks a glass of nothing

Saturday, but Lorraine and I up fairly early, after I'd brought my lovely wife up breakfast in bed. Phone call from Maureen this morning, reading out a bit from the Daily Mail, talking about Dylan, his grandfather and grandma who will be coming to A Glass of Nothing, her first outing since becoming a widow to support Dylan.

Things to be done, and Dawn came around to our house and we went for a quick mooch around in the Open Houses. Biffing into quite a few. Although I most love paintings, it is the crafty bits and ceramics that tend to appeal more to me in the Open Houses. Having said that, if money was no object I'd come away with armfuls.

Then Lorraine drove me down to the school where we rehearse. I took a firm and positive line today,  and we worked at the three or four spots in the play where there were line glitches. Dylan has a difficult bit where he is doing a similar thing and saying similar lines three times in the play, but we managed to get this sorted through going back on them several times. All of us cheerful and positive afterwards, and laughing at his fresh-faced 15 year old photo the Mail had sourced from somewhere.

Lorraine waiting for us, and we drove down to the Duke of Wellington who have let us borrow a couple of chairs and a hatstand for the show. These we then loaded into the car. Then into the Warren we did a spot of flyering. Beth and Kitty standing at a table offering people a glass of nothing. Lorraine and I went around the place, busy with people talking about the show and handing out leaflets. I developed a little patter that should people get tired of their drinks, perhaps they should try a glass of nothing instead. Amazingly quite a few people ended up trying a glass of nothing, and it provoked a few interesting conversations.

After some of this kind of thing, we all got a bit cold, dropped Kitty off and drove home. John visited, bringing chocolate and a few beers (he knows how to win hearts and minds). He is doing finals and so on at the moment, which is all a bit full on. We we sent out for a takeaway curry and watched the last part of the Eurovision nonsense before bed. An early start tomorrow.

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