Saturday, May 28, 2016

Roots to a parsnip

Spoke to Mum in the morning and evening. She went to see Mas with Robert and Tanya today. He's doing pretty well, but understandably a bit tired.

A heatwave forecast, but what we got was rain and thunder for a good part of the day. After a breakfast of tomatoes on toast, Lorraine and I dropped Beth off at the station in the rain so she could travel up to London to hang with her bestie Olivia. Once she got through the downs it was all sun.

L and I went to experience the glories of Sainsbury's. Actually I like shopping with Lorraine, and we hadn't shopped together for a while.

A restful day, but in the evening we sauntered down to The Duke of York's Picturehouse to see Sing Street, a highly enjoyable film about teenagers setting up a band in Dublin in the 1980s. But it was also about the power of the imagination and creativity to transcend the mundane, and brotherhood, and lots of other stuff. Lorraine and I really enjoyed it.

Then as we'd not eaten, it seemed as natural as roots to a parsnip to stumble into the Shahi, which was fairly quiet. A nice meal, and just happy to be hanging out with Lorraine, and knowing that she didn't have to work tomorrow.

Below, Sing Street.

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