Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mason in hospital

Keeping in touch with Mum today as Mason is in hospital, Mum and Mas having phoned up 111 and being advised to go to accident and emergency. He seems reasonably relaxed about it all, and didn't want her to visit. Obviously a bit worrying, but he's in good hands at least.

I went to the gym and spent the day working on things dictated by the great mind map of destiny.

Speaking to Betty today about the play, and her pal Sarah apparently loved it, and wants to direct Beth in it. Things like this are making me feel good about the play. So pleased Beth and I got the ball rolling on this.

In the afternoon a nice interlude with Anton in The Joker, eating our 3 for 2 deal on woof woof wings, and sinking a few beers and generally putting the world to rights. Anton showing me stages of the great coastal walk he is embarking on, and assuaging Mum's concerns that it won't all be walking.

Fiery-mouthed we walked up to the Shakey Head for another quick beer, as we'd not been there before. It used to be great for sausage and mash, but the quality has gone down in the last year or so. Still a top pub though.  Fond farewells, and I walked home through the park arriving at the civilised time of 10PM.

Below, Anton collects himself before attacking the woof-woofs and curly fries.

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