Sunday, May 29, 2016

Into the garden

Lorraine and in gardening mode for the day, a sunny pleasant day too. The back garden needed lots of work. As we don't have a lawn mower, I cut the patch of grass with shears and we weeded and took stock. Lots of plants didn't seem to overwinter, while the snail population at present is enormous. Worked in the garden for a few hours, and then repaired indoors to the gold sofa, where we promptly fell asleep and woke up feeling stiff, the gardening apparently employing every muscles the gym doesn't. Lorraine and I very much enjoying time together today. With work and plays and so on, we've not seen much of each other lately.

Gardening really does put you into a different frame of mind.

Otherwise talking to Mum, Mason still in hospital and not feeling too well. We're all hoping he can be released back into the wild soon. This is naturally all a worry for everyone at the moment.

Also spoke to Toby's ceiling via FaceTime and was shown a view of High Park looking green and lovely, just across the way from where they are temporarily living while their house is having work done to it. Romy already off to Calgary for a business meeting next day.

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