Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Guts and determination

Tea brought me by my lovely wife before she left for work. Off to the doctor's for me. He suggested a precautionary colonoscopy to check out my unsettled guts, given that there is a family history of intestinal nasties. This should happen quite soon apparently. I was hoping for this outcome, so I suppose I am pleased and hypochondria is under control.

Thence to the Starbucks where I did a smidge of work a large cup of tea and a skinny blueberry muffin, before hefting off to the gym. I am very fat at the moment, but have been going to the gym with some determination. Had an excellent session in there, doing a bit of cross training, some rowing machine things, a few of the anxious boy arm exercises plus lats and pulling ropes with weights on the end of them. None of this done with the heavy weights you understand.  My enemy is cheese, and I returned home to Yarg cheese (wrapped in nettles) on toast.

A gentle nap this afternoon with Calliope, before Beth and I set off to a new place called Copperdollar studios in Kemptown to meet the others for a rehearsal. A lovely place, and good progress was made. Still a bit of stumbling over lines but a determined improvement on the last rehearsal, and we were all more upbeat. Dylan making another big stride.

Home to Lorraine on the gold sofa. Not been seeing much of her during the week recently, and I miss her.

The cast. Dylan pleased with his new shoes that glow in the dark, as you can see here.

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