Thursday, May 19, 2016

Last night, late night

Final night tonight. Woke up early, wondering if I had to go to the radio station with Dylan, which I didn't because they just wanted a chat with him. The interviewer, talking about his hair and beard and how he looked older than 18 and so on. Dylan mentioned the play and us by name, so this all good. He did a good job.

The day with less going on, so I could go about the important business of keeping calm, taking a much needed doze in the afternoon. I chatted to Mum and Janet too.  Then Beth came home with Olivia who is staying for a while.  Olivia telling us about a gecko (dubbed Gordon) she had brought back home with her after living in Spain for months. It had been in her suitcase and she found it in her bathroom.

Then off to do the last show. Everyone in an upbeat mood pre-show. I was a little nervous because we changed the opening, as I made a little speech dedicating this last show to the memory of Ronnie Corbett, seeing as Dylan's grandmother Anne was there, along with other members of the family, in her first public appearance to see Dylan. I know it meant loads to Dylan too, so it was a good thing to do.

So into the performance, and Beth was absolutely fantastic. I felt so proud of her. The play was working by far the best of all the nights, and the audience was lapping it up. Then the tech guy screwed up one of the sound cues, which lasted a minute, only playing it when it was supposed to stop. Then the big scene where Dylan is Beth's perfect partner, Dylan accidentally cut about three pages of dialogue. Miraculously the play still retained its shape, and Beth didn't miss a beat. Poor lad was utterly mortified and apologised to me afterwards, but these things happen all the time. The rest of his performance was exemplary.  The final big scene worked really well too, and Kitty was completely fab again. Really warm response from the crowd.

Then scrambling around to pack up. Before we could have a drink and chat to folks. Sam and Jade had travelled down to see the play, with Jade's mum Sian, Rosie and Emily came too. John was there too, but had to go early. Then we packed up all the stuff in the car, and Lorraine drove it home.

I was in no mood for going home, and Beth, Olivia, Kitty,  Dylan, Sam and Jade all went out for a bit of a night on the tiles. Going to the Mash Tun where it was very crowded and noisy, but we were all dancing in there. Then Kitty (who was going to work tomorrow afternoon) left, and the rest of us ended up going to a place called Buddies, a 24 hour cafe and haunt of Beth and Laura after lively nights. Found myself eating a pizza at about 3am, and enjoying it. Really cheery night out, and not feeling my age too badly.  All into a cab, and home at around 4am. Strange taxi driver with whom we had a long chats  about the muppets.

Thank God... to bed. Waking poor Lorraine up.

Below Beth, Kitty and Dylan backstage. Sam the tech, snapped this of us just before we started, in the Mash Tun, Sam and Jade, then dancing: Beth, Olivia, Jade, Kitty and Dylan.

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