Friday, May 13, 2016

Sinister bubbles

A reasonably quiet start, Lorraine bringing me a cup of tea in the morning as usual. This simple act of kindness starts my day off brilliantly.  I scribbled a few bits and pieces of social meeja, and laying out the programme for the show and focused on trying not to twitch too much.

Sonia back today. Full of helpful information and as usual had a good laugh with her. Apparently I am not losing weight after going to the gym like a maniac is due to liking for fizzy water.

After this I went to the gym. From there, bought some eccles cakes and chocolate and ginger biscuits, then went to see Janet and Ken. Ken certainly enjoys a sweet biscuit. Janet also bearing up, having been to her exercise class this morning having not been out of the house much.

Home, and waiting for Lorraine. Decided to take myself to sit outside the Preston Park Tavern in the sun and to wait for Lorraine and Betty. Re-read (enjoyably) some sonnets by Don Paterson from his last book, and eavesdropped on a mild-mannered conversation about death metal. But the wind was surprisingly cool and when Betty joined me we went indoors, soon to be joined by Lorraine. Had a nice evening, with a few beers and some good fish and chips. A very few chips, however. That's not enough chips for him,  said Lorraine pointing at me as if I were a dangerous volcano. So they brought more. The three of us planning the weekend, and what had to be done and when.

Found myself rather relaxed, by the time I got home and fell asleep on the sofa, then found myself being shepherded to bed by my lovely wife.

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