Tuesday, May 17, 2016

First night

So blimey... Show day. Occasional flares of nerves in the morning. Found it difficult to concentrate on anything very much. So went to the gym early and did a workout which helped me calm down. Also great were Maureen and Pat coming in the afternoon. Chatting with them passed the time relaxingly till Beth and Lorraine got home.

Then nerves for a while. Beth looked pale and could barely eat before we went out. Into the theatre, with only half an hour to get the set and everything ready. Fortunately this was managed fairly quickly. Beth, Kitty and Dylan pacing the stage whispering lines to themselves, then taking their places. Beth set on stage at the beginning. I felt writing it so she had to do this while people filed in was a bit sadistic in retrospect. I did a reasonable impression of someone who was calm, despite not being calm. A full house, the audience rapidly filling up the place. Lorraine sitting next to me, having helped at every stage. And boom, we're on. The play revolves around Beth and she carried it magnificently. Dylan and Kitty did brilliantly. I managed not to screw up my cameo role. A couple of times the lines went awry, but I don't think anyone noticed. For a first night it was fantastic. A top audience too, lots of Dylan's friends who literally cheered him on stage. People laughing lots, and getting drawn in to the dark bits.

Boy did I need a beer afterwards though.

Lots of folks there we knew. Including Hus and his daughters, and Paul down from London. Lots of chatting afterwards. Heard all about Pauls new job involving the Houses of Parliament. Then people thinning out, off to the Hobgoblin for another drink with Beth, her old pal Amy and Amy's niece Ria. We sat with Dylan and his mum Sophie there too, with lots of their pals.

Beth and I took a taxi home, and had a toast fest before bedtime. Lorraine still awake when I got to bed.

Here's Beth pulling a nervous face seconds before the audience started arriving.

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