Monday, May 30, 2016

More gardening

Mason now being treated with antibiotics for a lung infection, and he hasn't been feeling particularly well. Mum obviously worried about him.

Despite these family worries, I really enjoyed spending the day with Lorraine. More gardening. Weirdly cool and windy, as befits a bank holiday. To the garden centre to buy bedding plants, an idea that had also occurred to everyone over forty in Sussex.

Brooding on snails today. Nematodes worms released into the environment apparently mess them up, but these weren't on sale. And don't want to be strewing poisons into the environment, so we just have to lump 'em. It's either that or go out there with a whip and a chair. Happily digging holes and putting things in, and filling sacks with weeds. I must be getting middle aged, because I find myself saying things to Lorraine, like 'I'm really enjoying that clematis'. Gave the garden a good watering, before repairing indoors, even though the clouds had gathered there was no rain.

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