Thursday, May 26, 2016

A busy day

Mason still in hospital today. He had a minor heart attack while he was there, but he was in exactly the right place for it to be treated immediately, so there apparently is little damage done. I made plans to travel up tomorrow to visit, and spoke to mum several times during the day, and messages with Toby too. Obviously, I'm worried about him and Mum.

Spoke to Val, my French Agency friend, who has some work for me, which is a boon. Such a cheery and nice woman. I will be working on cat fleas and worms. Also trying to sort out Telltale stuff today too, as Robin is taking time off.

In the afternoon walked over to see Janet and Ken, and give Janet a belated birthday bunch of flowers. Cheery woman in the florist in seven dials, who made me up a lovely little bunch.  Ken on good form I thought, and has put on weight lately. Ate ginger biscuits and sipped tea and chatted about many and various subjects.

In the evening off to a regular meeting called Nerd Nite Brighton (staged as a one off at the Warren) to see Catherine deliver a papal lecture entitled, Masturbation and mutilation in Victorian England. Being Catherine this started very funnily, but grew disturbing when she showed slides of the kinds of implements used to mutilate women in Victorian England. Enjoyed seeing her, and chatting to Tanya too. The previous speaker was good too, talking about octopuses as his favourite animal.

Home and saw my lovely wife and Betty on the gold sofa, gobbled some grub and  Lorraine and I made off to bed early. Lorraine has one more day to get through before half term.

Below Dr Pope, and an image of a doctor examining a Victorian Lady.

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