Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Words and woof-woofs

Up early and working at my desk. Still feeling a residue of edginess which is abating slowly. It is one of those rare moments in life when all I want to do is work on poems, and lo! I have time to work on poems. If only life was this simple more often. Started working on the poems I'd started about Chad, but I have such negative feelings (after the recent Nazgûl's wing work episode) that it's not easy.

To the gym this afternoon, and quite enjoyed myself on the cross trainer and rowing machine. The last few times I've been listening to podcasts. Actually listening to music is much better. My mind wanders and relaxes, and the beat makes me go at more of a clip. As I was leaving I met someone who'd been at the poetry workshop, in one of those awkward, I now your face but this is the wrong context so I have no idea who you are moments. The second time this month this has happened to me. The noble Kenny visage is easily forgettable it seems. Chatting to Beth this afternoon as I walked home from the gym, seeing her on a bus going the other way.

Home to prepare some grub for Lorraine, and squeeze her before I went out again. Off this evening to meet Anton for a beer and a bowl of woof-woofs in The Joker, or one-and-half bowls of woof-woofs wings as there was a three for two deal tonight. Heard about his recent trip as Anton happily lapped up his pint as he hadn't drunk for days. Home at a very sensible time, top hat still vertical.

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