Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Launching into the world

A fairly cheery day. Worked on the play,  and popped into the gym. The play is shaping up nicely, and then we went off this evening down to the Sallis Benny for the official Fringe launch.

Beth and I were early and ended up being the first there. It was a fun event with lots of folks doing fringe performances. Plus there were free drinks too, which was a boon. Helping everyone enjoy a long speech thanking people by the fairly charming Julian Caddy, and the lady mayor gave a speech too about the economic benefits of the Fringe mixed with a couple of knob gags. The fringe brings in millions apparently. There were some entertainments, a magician, someone conducting people through a museum of thermos flasks (this was heartily recommended by a Scottish woman, who said her friend was doing it). I lasted five minutes of the tour, which was a funny enough idea.

Then Beth and I drifted to watch the main stage, where some comedy Kings, which seem to be the opposite to Queens, so ladies dressing up as men performing. An interesting idea, but perhaps having a discernible talent might help. One woman's act was having a drawn on beard and miming badly to a song. Spoke to one or two here and there.

Beth and I repaired to The Basketmakers, where we were due to meet Kitty and perhaps Dylan but Kitty was delayed in London. It was busy there, so after a pint we bussed back to the Preston Park Tavern for a cheeky burger. Seemed to be rather enthusiastic for drinking at the moment.

Below, Beth looking a little scarily pleased to see our listing on one of the Theatre pages. You can see the wee Beth picture there, and a selfie Beth took of us at the event.

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