Monday, March 21, 2016

Big screens

Noticeably improving through the day. Bussed back to Churchill Square this morning to pick up the Microsoft Office I needed for my iMac, and spent much of the day setting it up, and transferring files across to the new one. It is a thing of beauty with a great big screen, which is really useful because I usually work having several things open at once on my desk. Beautiful.

Felt a bit tired by lunchtime and took a couple of hours off, eating peas pudding on toast on the Gold and watching Blue Velvet by David Lynch again. It is plenty weird, as they say, but all the Lynch themes are in place.  Interesting how he keeps using the same actors, which included in Blue Velvet Kyle MacLachlan and a very young Laura Dern. He really is like some kind of cottage industry, manufacturing fabulous films meditating on the nature of evil.

A relaxed evening in with Lorraine. She is very much looking forward to Thursday, the end of her first term.

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