Thursday, March 24, 2016

Jan's funeral

Lorraine's last day of term, which ended with a passion play, a success apparently.

Off to Lewes, after a stonking early morning's writing. Met Robin and had a great chat with her in Cafe Nero about the future of Telltale, and just a general catch up. We also went around town dropping of posters for the Telltale reading in Lewes next month, and knocking on doors of people who put posters in their windows. Also bumped into Jeremy Page, editor of the Frogmore Papers, and Catherine Smith. Showing that Lewes is a place where you can't move for writers. Trained back to London Road, and paused for a veggie burger in the Open House and a read of Charles Olsen poems, before going home.

A bit later  Dawn collected me, and we drove off to Worthing Cemetery where we met Lorraine and Helen, to attend Jan's funeral. A good ceremony, and her son Matt is a writer and delivered a lovely speech. Her daughter Laura was there too with her partner, as was Jan's elderly mother.  A moving business, with Jan's beloved Leonard Cohen music playing, and the rain outside. Lorraine, Jan and Dawn very brave about their friend's loss.

From here there was a reception at a nice pub, The Gun at Findon, nearby. Greek food, as Jan was a Hellenophile, and glasses of Chardonnay, which she loved. Had a good chat with Matt and his Swedish partner Josephine before we drove off in the rain to come home, feeling lucky to have each other.

Below a doorbell in Lewes.

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