Thursday, March 03, 2016


A gale blowing in the night, and something was creaking ominously. Turned out it was one of the windows on our Juliette balcony, and not the roof which I had half asleep pictured tearing off in the night. Lorraine on a course today, so didn't have to spring out of bed with the sparrows, which was splendid.

Cantering through the final stretches of the play. Should have it finished just in time for the first read through on Saturday with Beth and the other two actors. Apart from this I had a brief interlude  of feeling unaccountably twitchy, which I got rid of by going into town buying strapping so Lorraine can strap her wee broken toe to the other one.  Also get a haircut. I find it a paradox that hair management becomes much more important the less of it you have. On the top sparser bits I'm now going for a side to side sweep. Oh for my shaggy yesteryears. I swear the gents at Clippers on Sydney Street are finding the job more interesting, with more room for creativity now there is patchier coverage.

A smidge of work this afternoon for the agency, then more on the play. Cooked this evening for Lorraine who, having returned early from her course,  simply worked at the table till 9.00. Found a good way of getting Lorraine to sleep in the evenings by playing her the Guardian football podcast. Works a treat. And so to bed.

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