Sunday, March 06, 2016

Nice as pie

Up fairly early this morning, and Lorraine, Beth and I off to see Pat and Maureen. Fun to hang out with them, watch darts on TV (which I really like watching) and to receive a stern education on the nature and practice of pie-making from Maureen, who made a delicious apple pie for us all. I am a great lover of apple pies, and was given an extra large helping as a reward.

While we were there I FaceTtmed Mum to wish her a happy mother's day and she had a quick chat with everyone. A really nice lunch, which Maureen was pleased not to have cooked.

Lorraine a martyr to hay fever, which she gets from tree pollen this time of year. Sneezing lots. But was still able to drive us about, and cook Sunday lunch with Beth when they got there. Poor thing had to do lots of work this evening, so Beth and I sat with her as she worked on the dining room table, and I caught up with social meejah stuff, and replied to a few emails and snickered about things with Beth and ate pieces of cake that Maureen had given us.

Below: kitchen work with left to right Pat, Lorraine, me and Maureen looking at my pastry leaf cutting with eagle eyes.

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