Friday, March 04, 2016

Just in time delivery

A blast of work first thing, and managed to finish the first draft of the play. A Glass of Nothing. Rather cheery about this and finishing with a day to spare was a good thing. There used to be something in manufacturing called just in time delivery, so that warehouses wouldn't be clogged up with stuff for weeks. Everything finished enough to show to the actors tomorrow for the read through. Sent it to Betty this evening who was babysitting.

Mooched to the gym, and after sat in the cafe with the idea of sitting down to write some poetry, but when I was there it was too crowded and my seat was all wrong.  Did have a conversation with an older man who sits near the window and talks to most people that go in. He was wondering aloud what Rudyard Kipling had written, and I was able to enlighten him. He was writing a miniature version of If by hand.

Home and a chat with Sonia about life, and then waited for Lorraine to reach home end of tetherish and needing alcohol. Luckily this latter bit could be fixed and we bussed down to The Basketmakers where we met Rosie, and also chatted to Irish Tom, and Carrie and Dom other regulars there.

Things generally a good deal better after a few drinks, and it was great to catch up with Rosie again. Lorraine and I got the food business wrong, and had to share a bag of chips.

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