Monday, March 14, 2016

Saddling up the centaur

Up early with a scratchy throat and reading a slightly alarming email from mum about Panamanian adventures. Toby feeling unwell on arrival and went to hospital and had a drip and given some pills, but has been discharged. Later I learned from a facebook post that they had also met Margaret Atwood in the airport.

I meanwhile spent the first few hours of the day working on the Shakespeare poem for this. Then off to the gym for one of my trademarked mild mannered workouts and home again for a miso soup lunch. Then I bused to Hove where I spent a three hours with Helen. She looked very well after her cancer treatment last year, and it was great to catch up with her. She had new music to play me on our Centaur project. Really good stuff, a fully orchestrated first twenty minutes of the opening to the opera, she played me on Sibelius. I'm really sensing and organic core to it now. And then some gorgeous bits including an aria on the piano.

Bus badness, meant I had to walk half the way home, but I bumped into Reuben and Serge who had been at the cinema. Good to chat to the Reubster.

At home cooked quickly, then zoomed off to the Stanza poetry meeting, chatting to Mas en route, who has had loads of people calling in on him. At the meeting I read the thing I wrote in the middle of the night last week. Useful to read it aloud, although didn't go down too well. Perversely this has reinforced my belief in it. Really nice to see Antony Mair, who I'd not seen in a while. Tess Jolly there too, with another of her fine Mr Oz sequence of poems.

Quickly home to find Lorraine and Beth. L had her first parents evening today as a head, and had been eating chocolate again. News from Dawn later that Jan had taken a turn for the worse, which is very sad.

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