Monday, March 28, 2016

Storm and stumpery

A storm, Storm Katie, last night, very noisy up in our top bedroom. The storm uprooted trees and flattened fences in Brighton, one tree down about 100 metres from us. Another big one went very close to Janet and Ken.

Lorraine and I had a lovely day today. Both of us feeling brighter and more healthy after a long sleep. Up and today's mission was creating a stumpery. Out of bits of stump and ferns. We've not anything in the garden this year, and it was warm enough to work happily. Off to Bolney first where we picked up some stumpy bits from a wind damaged garden centre, near Lorrafne's school. I'm sure we got a cheaper rate on our stumps when we told the man Lorraine was head of the local village school, and the man said head been there as a kid. Then to another garden centre for ferns. When we built it, we were so pleased with our stumpery, we are planning to extend it. It is excellent for the strip of the garden that gets little light. We have also added a wee barrel pond too, to attract critters. (Critters also love stumps too.) I just need to put some stones in it.

In the evening Lorraine and I went to the Duke of York's to see High Rise a film based on a story by J.G. Ballard. Rather crazily intense film, but I liked it. More than Lorraine. But we both agreed it was unlike any other film we'd seen. I'd recommend it. We sat up in the circle on a sofa, and shared a bottle of wine. A nice date night with my lovely wife.

Below our brand new stumpery, and the tree near us, just round the corner of Preston Drove, I shot when we walked to the cinema.

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