Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Chilling on the beach

Some of the results of the Great Chad Adventure work I'd done dropped today, the launch of the new campaign. You an see some of the work and watch the ad on the Tearfund site here. I hope this succeeds in raising money for the people we met out there, and places like it. But I am not without mixed feelings about this campaign where I spent much time under the Nazgûl's wing.

Working off and on this morning, and intermittent contact from Max and the French Bloke who had brought their four bairns down to Brighton.  They scooted around on rollerblades and so on, and I sensibly remained in a cafe working on stuff, then took a long walk down by the sea passing the ghastly iSore 360 and eventually met them on the stones, just as the sun went in and it was again a March day at the seaside. Lovely to catch up with my old friends, and see the children again. They are such a lively, bright and confident bunch of kids.

Max produced a bottle of bubbly and we three had a glass each and caught up. Because it had been sunny, Max and I were both wearing shades, which as the skies darkened began to represent the British spirit in the face of adversity. Nearby a madwoman started trying to get in the water for a swim as we all started to turn blue with cold.

When the steady gnawing of penguins got too much for us, I returned home after fond farewells and promises to hook up soon.  Home and an evening rehearsal with Beth and Dylan. Kitty unwell, but there was plenty to be done on the second scene. I really like Dylan, and we made a bit of a breakthrough on the play tonight and worked in some good improvements.

And so to bed.

Below Michel and Max chilling on the beach.

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