Sunday, March 27, 2016

An unGodly Godly hour

Lorraine and I got up to go to Oskar's confirmation at an unspeakable five o'clock, which felt like four due to the clocks going back in the night too. Enjoyably enough managed to shock and appal Beth and Laura, who were just coming home after a lively night out with their top hats at an angle.

Lorraine drove us nearby, and we walked in the hosing rain to St Nicholas' church. Here we found Anton, Anna and the bairns. Lorraine and I sat with Brian and Anne, and David and Stephanie (who I'd not seen for some time, and it was nice to meet again). The service started in the dark, with people finding their way to pews with their phone lights.

Klaudia came and sat next to me, and we snickered together at the sight of one of the clergy bumping into the spiral of stairs up to the pulpit as he walked from a lit room in the dark of the church. The service starting in darkness and employing candles and fire to good effect.  The Bishop of Lewes was leading the service, and at one time he shook my hand and I had the distinct sense of him being quite a holy man, which is contrary to my general feelings of antipathy towards religious folk at the moment. I felt a bit horrid though as I was feeling a tad swimming headed with the lack of sleep and the dregs of my bug, and as we kept standing and sitting down I felt a bit unsteady. However Oskar was confirmed and looked very smart, and Brian, Anna the Godmother, and I had to shuffle forward at one point.

Then back to Anton's house, where Anton and Anne had put on a lovely breakfast spread. Ate and drank some coffee, feeling generally happy about life. Lorraine and I then drove home and had a late morning doze, having already been up for hours. Beth and Laura emerging much later, and more quietly.

Took it easy for the rest of the day, but we walked down the hill in the blustery evening to meet Anton and Brian for a drink in the Joker. The music especially loud in there tonight, but we still had fun. Especially nice to see Brian. Anton and I feeling very tempted to eat some woof woof wings, and it was only because of the roast suppers we had eaten that we shunned them.

Home, mercifully to sleep like babies.

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