Friday, March 18, 2016

Barking at nothing

Lorraine off early in sports gear, as it was Sport Relief day at school. Tackled a few time consuming admin bits that I'd been putting off, as well as tinkered with a couple of poems. Sonia very chatty today, telling me about her mother, who sounds quite a character, a burly ex-army woman who thinks of herself even now as a great beauty, and has a new boyfriend. Which goes to prove, as Sonia says philosophically, it's what you think about yourself that's important. It's hard to disagree.

Otherwise a quiet day, even reading in the afternoon, sauntering off to the post office. Saw a large fox in the garden endlessly scratching itself in a flea tormented fashion. Felt rather sorry for it. 

Lorraine home late and then we turned right around and drove off to Cuckfield to Jess and Andrew's house. They'd recently returned from a trip to India and Jess, who is an excellent cook, brought back lots of spices with her and cooked up a storm of gorgeous food. Sat in their new conservatory, and L and I had a bout of conservatory envy. I love conservatories. I love rain on the roofs of conservatories. Amusingly, at night Jess and Andrew's cockapoo dog Winnie keeps barking and growling at its reflection in the roof glass. Also had holiday envy seeing the photos of their tour of India, including a misty Taj Mahal, and the Amber Fort of Jaipur. 

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