Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Feedback and rehearsals

Up early, after Lorraine left, working on poems this morning, and have a new buddy Charlotte, who gave me some speedy and perceptive feedback. Invaluable to have such an excellent poet as Charlotte reading your work. She cast her eye on two poems I have been trying to finalise. And came up with some comments which confirmed things I was thinking, saving me loads of time.

A brief stroll about this afternoon in between the rain, and a chat with Mum, getting ready for the flight to see Toby and Romy tomorrow. A chat with Jerry too about some agency stuff.

I am using this week to get my head sorted. With no work pressure on me, no play to write, I am experiencing a free-floating anxiety. Typically I am using a time free of pressure to vent my twitchy stuff so I am doing exercise and meditating to keep it under control. However this afternoon's meditative session was interrupted four times each after the first few minutes, until I simply gave up and focussed on being tetchy instead.

Off this evening with Beth to Neighbourhood, where we had a nice bit of food and then rehearsed with Dylan and Kitty downstairs. A bit too busy on Wednesday, with people coming down to use the gents behind where we were working.  Still, a good enough start.  After had a cheeky beer there with Beth and Dylan before Beth and I hopped on a bus home to Lorraine. Hardly saw her today, and this is not good.

Below the bull in the downstairs room, which I'm getting a bit obsessed with; Kitty, Beth and Dylan; the view from the bus stop afterwards. Brighton. It's top.

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