Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A photographic trove

Up and off to Edgware this morning, working on some poems on the train. Finally close to finishing a poem about time and sunken islands that I'd begun ages ago.

I was collected by Mum at Mill Hill station and back home. With Mas we pent the day, eating our own bodyweight in Pizza Express, and later on the way back to the station eating large amounts of meaty things at the Jolly Badger Harvester. Fun to hang out and chat.

Mum showed me her photos from Panama, with jungle, and monkeys and vivid coloured houses with corrugated iron roofs. Looked a gorgeous place to visit, blighted only by no-see-ums, which I hadn't realised was a proper name for midges. The Tobster apparently a martyr to these.

I also sifted through Mum's trove of photos. Sometimes this can be a sad thing, but actually I really enjoyed it.  Fond farewells with Mum and Mas who dropped me at the station, then a train home, walking up the hill to hear about Lorraine and Beth's trip to Basingstoke.

Below A few snaps of mum's photos. Dave my grandfather with Toby and me as boys, my grandparents Gwen and Dave laughing with (I think) one of Dave's sisters.  Mum painting the name Chelsea on my grandparent's gate in Guernsey (with my nan's scooter behind) -- a photo I really like (and explains the inevitability of me supporting Chelsea) and one of the young poet in a pram looking at a dandelion.

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