Saturday, March 12, 2016

Spring and unknotting

Up not too late for a Saturday, and Lorraine and I walked up in the pleasant spring sunshine to Fiveways, and had breakfast in a little Italian cafe, a toasted breakfast ciabatta, which was rather nice. Really nice to be spending time together. We talked about summer holidays but arrived at no conclusion.

The Labour party had set up a stand nearby about staying in the EU and pointing up the unfairness of how the Government is funding Green and Red Brighton and Hove, compared to the Tory blue swathes of Surrey beyond.

In the afternoon Lorraine and I bought flowers for her friend Jan who is seriously ill, and Lorraine went to visit her with Dawn there too. More cheerily I saw Jewel  for a back massage, as my back has been rigid for some time now. Most of my back a zone of evil and sore and rigid. The massage helped loads, but I will need another session. If I was a millionaire I would have Jewell massage Lorraine and I at least once a week.

Then off to rehearsals, where Beth, Kitty and Dylan were hard at work. There is something quite touching seeing people working earnestly on something that was just a notion in your head just a few weeks ago. Beth wants me to be a bit more directorial, as when she's part of the action this is  proving quite difficult.

Home on the bus with Beth. Lorraine at home, feeling sad about Jan and having recently eaten chocolate as the dementors had been, and cooking up the most delicious vegetable lasagne imaginable. Sat happily on the gold sofa noshing this and watching Chelsea's live televised game. They were beaten 2-0, almost single handed, by a player they had discarded at the beginning of the season. It is the end of an era. I predict mid-table mediocrity from Chelsea for the foreseeable future.

Lorraine and I then watched the first episode of Trapped, and Icelandic drama, which was excellent. Iceland looks amazing too.

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