Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Feeling much better than the weekend now. Two plumbers arrived. Who after telling me it was a job of about three hours, soon had found the work done by the previous owner was a botch. The plumber explained why, and it was clearly legitimate. The fix would require lots more work, which cannot be completed today, and they weren't able to get back to it for till after easter. Nevertheless lots of banging and hammering and crashing and prep work to disrupt the morning.

Beth back armed with bread and ham, and we had a bite together talking about play things among other bits before she zoomed off again. Spent the day getting my computer sorted out, transferring files and so on. It looks fab and is a joy to use.

Then a man came about the carpet, onto which Calliope (still in the dog house) had kicked a cup of hot coffee staining the brand new carpet. Beth had gone into the shop and they said it was to do with the temperature of the liquid. A loquacious carpet cleaning man came around and sprayed liquid labelled coffee onto it, and used a white towel to clean it up. The towel looked impressively brown. I spotted him £20 but once the carpet had dried, there was still a brownish tinge to it. Gah.

Took Lorraine out to the Preston Park Tavern this evening, where we had a bite to eat and a soothing pint of lager, and allowed L to decompress.

Plumbers always make me think of Heath Robinson.

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