Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A brief elation

Working on PK stuff all day. Then Beth and I off in the evening to meet Kitty and Dylan for rehearsals. Had a meal and a drink upstairs with Dylan and Beth first. Suddenly a few things began clicking and I began to feel really excited that the show was going to be great. This brief elation ruined however by the owner extremely drunkenly coming down and interfering with the rehearsal. Then as we left later, insisting I tell his daughter the secret to writing in one sentence and then I should repay him for allowing us to use the basement by talking to his daughter for two hours. The daughter was sitting there squirming with embarrassment. I had to physically tear myself away from this fool.

Betty and I hopping on a bus which materialised very quickly and we were home with Lorraine on the gold sofa. But very pleased with this evening's rehearsal. Beth is tuning into what is the most difficult section, where she has to be the most beautiful woman in the world, with what will prove to be hilarious results. And Dylan and Kitty are really working well.

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