Thursday, March 31, 2016

Richard and JKT

Up early and working on poems, after a terrible night's sleep. Then a spree of cat capturing, Brian legging it off to the garden when he saw the cat carrier, both holding onto the sides with their claws. Lorraine and I took Calliope and Brian in for their yearly check up.  Calliope yowling appallingly in the car, but luckily no spraying this year.  The cats were found in good health apparently said the nice vet at Top Cats, who also removed a tick from Brian.

Heard this morning about the death of Ronnie Corbett, the comedian. He is the grandfather of Dylan who is in our play, so obviously it made the news much closer to home. I said hello to Ronnie Corbett a few years ago, and he seemed (from the way he was with people) as nice as he appeared on TV.

Home again, I finished off some work then listened to Richard on the JKT show on BBC radio Guernsey. Richard absolutely excellent on it, and he read The Exile, a poem inspired by a Brighton-based exile of his acquaintance, which was lovely. Jenny reading two of his poems too, and Richard also read some of his flash fiction. The interplay between Jenny and Richard is lovely to hear, and it felt lovely to be listening to them chatting while I sat at my desk, especially knowing I will be over next week.

Spoke to Mum and facetimed Toby who I found sitting in his car, and did various other little jobs. Lorraine working on school plans for most of the day. Cooked in the evening, and a quiet night.

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