Saturday, March 05, 2016

Read though

Lots of chats with Lorraine this morning, who was feeling a bit frayed emotionally, not helped at all by hearing that her pal Jan, already coping with cancer, had a stroke this morning.

In the afternoon Lorraine and I caught a bus into town where we met Beth. Lorraine off to do some shopping and Beth and I met up with Dylan and Kitty to read through the first draft of the play in the afternoon. More about all that here. Beth and I very cheery afterwards, and I am happy that Kitty and Dylan not only seem totally up for it, but are also very likeable too which makes things more fun. Very excited to see that it's all taking off.

Met Lorraine in a cafe and then we hopped on a bus, and ducked into the Preston Park Tavern for some food and a solitary sensible pint. Home early to lounge on the gold sofa and watch the guilty pleasure of BBC TV's The Voice. Ending the day on a cheerier note than the one we began on.

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