Seaweed and Shakespeare

A pleasant day of diverse activities. Did not spring from bed this morning. Eventually got up and walked to the nearby Japanese shop to buy fixin's for the easy Japanese meal we had selected to cook from Everyday Harumi, by Harumi Kurihara. We bought essentials like Japanese soy, Mirin sauce, konubu seaweed, katsuobushi (flaked of bonito fish)  and some cooking sake from our new friend in the Japanese store.

Home and making our basic Ichiban dashi stock, from the konubu seaweed and the flaked fish filled the room with an unmistakable Japanese aroma, we cooked Japanese rice in this stock (with added soy and Mirin) and followed the recipe and cooked a simple pork and carrot dish to go with it. Lorraine hammering the pork with a rolling pin to tenderise it. Good wholesome grub it was too. Quite enjoyed the seaweed part of the process, which made the seaweed grow mysteriously in the pot.

When not doing this Lorraine and I were tidying up and interrogating furniture, in our long process of trying to remove clutter. We also took a nice walk around the park, into 'our' walled garden which was showing signs of an early spring. Sniffed happily at the tiny white flowers of viburnum.

In the evening off to the World's End pub, just a few hundred yards away to see The Shakespeare Heptet holding their own in a busy pub. They look like a band now, and are playing very well together. Good to chat to Claudius, Steve, Richard and Maria, Dipak and briefly to Sam who is brings a ray of feminine sunniness to the band. Back home in time to see the end of Chelsea beating Manchester United 3-1, rounding off what was a excellent Sunday.

Below the Shakeys being watched by manager Claudius.