Knife and forkwork

Some good and steady work this morning, and at two o'clock met Catherine for a late lunch and a couple of beers to celebrate her finishing her PhD thesis. I am keen to hear about people finishing things at the moment, but Catherine she said she felt strangely bereft after working on it for so long.

Had a decent plate of fish and chips and a couple of pints of Lanes best before I swapped to mineral water. Wide ranging conversation with Catherine, who I admire immensely. She is an amazing source of information about Victorian literature and history. Also good to hear her perspective as a publisher. I always feel I learn lots when I talk to her.

Grabbed a bus home feeling suddenly under the weather, but rallied enough to enjoy more knife and forkwork with Lynne and Malcolm who had joined us this evening for a cheeky curry at the Shahi. An ofstead inspection at Lynne's school finished this afternoon, which Lorraine was involved with too: so a high high pressure day for both. Nice to see Lynn, who since she has taken up running, has slimmed down impressively, and to chat to Malcolm about his love of cartoons. Interesting on how he uses Twitter too to link with the cartoonist's fraternity.