No pressure

A curiously terrible night's sleep, followed by a first thing visit to the quacks to get my long postponed 24 hour blood pressure monitor. Ridiculously, I am usually gripped by a hysterical white coat syndrome when having my blood pressure taken, so readings of my blood pressure are always readings of my blood pressure when highly stressed, not under normal conditions. Very nice nurse at the surgery, who remembered I had got married recently too and cheerfully endured my hypochondria.

Having your blood pressure taken by a machine twice an hour in your own home is better - not completely relaxing of course - but but not hysteria inducing and a kind of exposure therapy too, in that after the thing had gone off a dozen times it was hard to get too excitable about it. I had feared it might just extend the twitching over 24 hours, but this didn't happen.

Little other news, other than I had another Facetime call from Mum, who is well into her iPad now, was offered yet more work, and I pressed on resiliently with my book. Sonia here today, and having a conversation about bread, saying the bread here was sticky, and not like proper Bulgarian bread. Sonia often looks back with nostalgic fondness to Bulgaria in its communist heyday.

Lorraine out tonight eating red snapper in the Thai Restaurant Red Snapper. Home with her top hat on slightly askew.