Ghastly stories

Really thankful to be working at home. Slightly hungover after my evening with Anton and a deluge overnight flooded a railway tunnel so getting to London would have been a nightmare. This deluge also flooded many roads in Sussex, and the school Lorraine was due to visit called her to cancel, which meant we worked on desks side by side all day. Nice to have companionable bowls of tomato soup with my lovely wife for lunch. Worked well on the book all day, and breaking off for the luxury of a brief snooze this afternoon.

Spoke to Matty boy today, and heard more about his baby daughter Elsie and talking about going up to see Isy, him and the baby.

After work was done, Dawn called around and then Rosie arrived by taxi as we went off to The Shahi. The restaurant unusually quiet and Sabir finding time to talk to me about writing. A curious night telling each other ghastly stories, Rosie giving us a vivid description of a poisonous king brown snake being killed in Australia, two appalling road accident stories from Dawn and Rosie, Lorraine's giant spider being killed with an axe story and so on. Feeling a bit sorry for Beth, who'd caught a cab from the station to join us, looking tired and having a day of teaching tomorrow morning, and working till 2am on Saturday night to look forward to.