Klaudia is 10 shocker

Frustrated by an IT rebellion wasting the precious morning hours and generally workin' my nerve following an iTunes update failure. Sorted it out this afternoon with a system restore and by reinstalling all the Apple software.

Off to Starbucks full of IT rage where I, slightly depressingly, found the section I was working on to be a load of tripe and onions. Then to the gym for a grrr-reducing workout. Followed by some shopping for a birthday present for Klaudia as recommended by Anton. Later I spoke to my Goddaughter on the phone, who was about to go off skateboarding on her new skateboard, and signing off with an affectionate 'bye weasel' to me as we finished talking, which I liked. Chatted to Anna too, for the first time in a while. Hard to believe it is ten years since I first saw Klaudia on her first day in the world.

Quite focused this afternoon. Spoke to mum by phone and then using facetime from the iPad Toby and Romy bought her.  This was fun. More computer stuff this evening with Lorraine, moving photos about through dropbox. Watched last night's football on play again to see Manchester United lose yet again. Their demise is even more fascinating than watching Chelsea win. Anton has responded to this by steadily refusing to talk about football for some months. I feel for their new manager David Moyes looking strained in the face of his misfortunes.