Lamenting the old order

Able to think again. Worked at fairly productively till Sonia arrived. An amusing chat with her, lamenting Christmas in Romania under communism, because at least you got two weeks off to spend with your family. Capitalism she maintains has ruined her country having brought in corruption and inequalities and undermined basics such as healthcare, and now having moved to the UK she finds work never stops.We laughed about the past always being golden, and she told me darkly that the best part of our lives was now gone. At this point I made my excuses and hurried to Starbucks, laptop in my bag.

I like Sonia a good deal, and she is full of character. She comes to clean for us for a couple of hours every week, which is a boon and of course we pay her, but this always makes me feel slightly awkward and I'm not sure why.  

Jane's been at it again, this time for Kleenex here, and featured on the Daily Express website, which also has an interview with Alison Jackson (plus an articulate vignette from Jane).

Listening at every available opportunity to 36 Views of Mount Fuji, by Cathy N. Davidson. Highly readable, sensitive and enriching even if you haven't just been to Japan.