Working really well on the book today. Broke off to have a haircut and then to Starbucks for a change of scene and a cinnamon swirl. I am writing this thing in a Japanese spirit of ganbatte i.e. just bloody getting on with it and persisting, but today I allowed myself to feel positive about what I have written, even laughing aloud in the cafe when reviewing some sections I'd not read for months. But this of course may just be sign that I have finally lost the plot - next stop The Shining.

Out with Anton this evening. Met him at Brighton station, and we walked over the hill via his house into Hove. Ducked into a pub just before a downpour started, and walked to the Brunswick Tavern but the food Anton wanted wasn't there so we had nothing instead. Ended up sipping a late beer in The Eddy. A cheerful night, however, and Anton pleased with himself after a splendid annual review at his work.