Inside Llewyn Davis

Managed to sleep fairly well despite the blood pressure sleeve squeezing my arm every hour. I took it off after 7.00am, and dropped this off at the surgery, and then went, feeling free as a bird to a cafe to do some work.

Home via Sainsbury's, to work from home. Feeling very happy to be working on the book,w ith the rain falling constantly overhead. Lorraine home early and we made off in the rain to see Inside Llewyn Davis again. Rosie was earlier than us reaching the cinema and bought us pints of lager and a really good hotdogs, which we decadently ate in the cinema.

Interesting, and very enjoyable movie. A rather melancholy depiction of a failing folk singer in 1962, living a hand to mouth existence as all he encounters is discouragement. There is no happy ending, but is quite humorous and a wonderfully shot.

From here off to the Basketmakers, where Lorraine, Rosie and I met Matt. Good to see him. Irish Tom there too, but was in his cups and lurched out into the night shortly after we arrived. Nice to have a drink in the Basketmakers, which was absolutely crowded, perhaps all those people who had a dry January finally letting their hair down.

Bought some lightbulbs from the shop below. Walked in and of course said 'how much is that doggie in the window?' Nobody laughed.