Outside Llewyn Davis

Another morning waking up with a sore lump in my throat. Sadly I am unable to moan about this as Lorraine has the same thing, but has to drive around the county advising schools while having the same thing. I was texted by my old Friend Keith offering me some work at 7:40, which I declined. I found this quite difficult as he was an old friend in need, but I must get the book finished, come hell or high water. Luckily I had an excellent day's work today, which made me feel cheerful and as if I was actually getting somewhere.

Another ghastly rain-filled day, in a soaking winter. Lorraine home early, however, and we decided to walk out in the rain to see Inside Llewyn Davis. My shiny newish black shoes leaking abominably at the toes. Surely one of the prime directives of shoe technology is not to admit freezing water to your socked feet. Arrived at the Kommedia only to discover that everyone else in Brighton had shared the same idea and it was sold out.

We had summoned Rosie Taylor into the rain too, and Lorraine and I repaired across the road to have a bite to eat in the Dorset and Rosie joined us eating a dessert plate of cheese and a glass of wine. Anton dropped in on the way home from London. I told Rosie about the book I've been working on, and she seemed genuinely interested in it, and Anton told me that he was reading Lord of the Rings again, and wanted to reassess the performance of the characters using the kind of statistical analysis used in the Premier League. Anton again proving he is a person who thinks about unusual things. Rosie talking about ways of teaching the first World War, as the centenary is this year, she is inventing characters to personalise the experiences of people living in Brighton at the start of it. A very creative approach.

Walked home in refreshingly light rain with Lorraine, and went to bed early as we were both somewhat throaty and wan. I also donned my thick socks knitted by Joan in Canada, and perfect for reheating frozen feet.