Home sweet home

Woke up at 7am UK time, after a pretty solid 10 hours sleep feeling fairly refreshed, and profoundly pleased to be at home sweet home, rather than facing another epic journey across the world. Up early with an unquenchable desire for tea. Fed the cats, and caught up with my blog in bed. Lorraine, having a pee in the middle of the night, had a 'welcome home' rodent corpse dropped at her feet.

A slow unpacking and clothes laundering day. No fish today, instead a toast and fried tomato and bacon breakfast.  Then out shopping for food, with Lorraine on a cooking mission making a roast chicken with half a dozen vegetables followed by an apple and blackberry crumble. Across the precinct from Sainsbury's is a little Japanese shop full of imported niceness. Cheerful Japanese owner busy making sushi, and keen to hear about Japan from us, as I told him we'd just got back. Noticed a calendar with Mount Fuji by the till, and thought that we'd only seen it yesterday. It already seemed slightly remote. I bought some Asahi black and Kirin Ichiban beers, and Lorraine found a bag of frozen lotus root pieces.

Betty asleep on the gold sofa most of the day and afternoon, and rallied later, she is in a bit of a slump about her drama course, and needed to talk to Lorraine about it. I spoke to mum but this coincided with a slump where my inner clock realised it was midnight in Japan. She said that Toby was going to phone her today to impart four essential things about the iPad. Managed the rest of the day quite well, however drank a couple of bottles of Japanese beer, plus loads of sparkling water, ate the delicious Sunday roast Lorraine cooked, and repaired to bed at 8:30pm unable to keep my eyes open.