A writerly day

A late start for a Monday, and disgracefully not working till gone nine. Lorraine working on the desk next to me, which is always nice. Did some good work today, and virtuously went to the gym for the first time in a week, talking to Bob while on the cross trainer. Home and a quick miso and noodle soup with Lorraine and an afternoon of work.

In the evening Lorraine went to choir and I sauntered off to Brighton Poetry Stanza group workshop in a room in the Caxton pub. A well attended night, and always fascinating to hear how people think, and write completely differently. I squeezed in a poem too, which went down fairly well. This time a few of the poets had a drink afterwards, and it ended on a friendly note.  I warmed to Andie, (who had put together the Brighton Anthology) whose life change completely in his mid fifties and he now expresses his feminine side in his persona, clothing and makeup. Also enjoyed speaking to Susan who is a lively performance poet, whose friends I was sat next to at the Anthology launch last year. There is talk of tighter workshop group too, which would be a boon.