Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So it goes

Lorraine up and off to day two of her interview. Meanwhile I had a pretty storming morning on The New Idea, something big fell into place and the whole project feels more robust. Lorraine home at lunchtime, and we loped out into the sunny day and decided to celebrate the end of a huge effort on Lorraine's behalf. We ended up in a lovely vegetarian restaurant called Terra Terra, where we had a variety of vegetable delights, and sat near the back of the restaurant where it was open and drank a couple of small bottles of organic lager. Very cheery.

Returning to find Betty had just returned for the summer, and her pal Kayleigh was there and the girls soon left for the night. Good to see Lorraine on the gold sofa playing Angry Birds on her iPad tonight rather than slogging. In educational circles decisions are made quickly, and she was called and told her application hadn't been successful, but that she had done well. Lorraine almost relieved, and completely philosophical about it as she had learned lots from the process, about the kind of school she'd like to be head of, and about herself too.

When we got to bed, I had an idea for a poem, which I noted before sleeping, Calliope, who every night without fail, comes to have her belly stroked and say goodnight to me before walking over Lorraine, nudging the pen as I wrote in bed.

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