Saturday, May 26, 2012

Adam goes potty

A beautiful hot day. The crowds surging down from the station to the beach like urban lemmings. Worked on The New Idea this morning, as Lorraine worked on the next desk on preparation for her school interview.

Then I took myself off to the gym. Working out for quite some time, and trying to lose the fat suit which has stealthily crept back onto me. Feeling an odd sense of frustration at the moment. I am working hard on the The New Idea, but having to dispel a fresh wave of pessimism every day before I start work. Once I get going things are progressing well, and I believe in the project, but for months I have felt as if I have been driving with the handbrake on and any progress is incredibly hard won. Going to the gym is the healthiest way of getting rid of that feeling.

Other than having a few drinks. As Lorraine was working tonight, I went to see my pals in the Tacet Ensemble play in Hove, conducted by Matt. A really good evening's entertainment, with pieces by lots of modern composers, such as Frederic Rzewski, Graham Fitkin, Morton Feldman, and Howard Skempton. Also a couple of pieces by local student Tom Reid, who was a really nice young guy, acknowledging applause for his premiere in a black shirt with Gibson twin-necked guitars. I found myself sitting immediately in front of the Mayor of Hove, who seemed a nice enough chap. Got talking too to Barry Mills, a composer friend of Matt, also very nice, and complementary about Clameur too, which was nice.

After the show, crossed the road to have several beers till late with Matt, Fingers, Barry Mills, Adam and other Tacit friends and Tom Reid and his proud mum and dad and girlfriend. Feel slightly cringey about this evening, as I was in a funny mood and handing out lots of unasked for opinions, caused by drinking on an empty stomach. I think I got away with it though. Letting of steam I think. Had a good laugh with Matt though as usual.

Below Adam Bushell giving a curiously spellbinding performance of Frederic Rzewski's To The Earth (1985) playing flowerpots and speaking a Homeric poem.

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