Monday, May 21, 2012


Working in a focused fashion on The New Idea. Happy with its progress, and it is demanding lots of thought. Mercifully the people working on the viaduct were not immediately behind the Old Church Hall today.

At 3 pm took myself for a walk in the park for an hour or so, peering into ponds and photographing some fish, though they were camera shy, almost koi. Discovered a walled garden in the back of the Preston House, which was lovely and quite timeless and a nice place to listen to Wolf Hall. Walked about thoughtfully for some time enjoying this interlude from my desk.

Home and Lorraine home quite early, but with loads to do. She put me to work drawing a picture for her presentation this evening, and after we went out to the Shahi to bolt some grub. Lorraine in a tunnel of work, but we had some respite. Home feeling full.

Below some koi in a pond. Inside the walled garden, Brighton bowling club hard at it, and the folly in the Preston Park.

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