Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday feeling

Waking early again, but not able, this morning at least, to accuse Lorraine of infidelity with Bear Grylls which was nice. Spent much of the day revamping and simplifying my website. It now looks like this, which I think is an improvement. Even if I say so myself, I particularly like the use of a photo I took in Japan for the homepage.

Had to reorganise plumber for the Twitten and then to the post office, sending off more CDs of Clameur to the US. Then to the gym. Having felt as wan and feeble in the last couple of weeks, I was pleased to survive, albeit in a slightly oversweaty way. Lorraine home early, and we scooted off to the Shahi with Cath. The ladies mostly talked educational shop and I applied myself to two pints of cooling lager, basking in a feeling of quiet satisfaction with the week as I forked down bhuna jhal.

Below Jane has been at her lookey-likey business again. Here she is having had a day of pampering during a secret project, with a Kate lookey-likey Gabriella Douglas. Crikey.

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