Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Bubble wrapped

The day's work revolving around inflammatory bowel diseases, and writing up unsurprising research. Who would have thought, for example, that having Crohn's disease might make your working life more difficult?

Contacted by Janey an art director I met at Craig's wedding - and we may do some work together in future. The freelance horizons are looking brighter for me. The office as freezing today as it was Turkish bathish for the last few days. I had to wear my coat most of the day, and Keith sitting next to me fashioned a kind of medieval tabard out of bubble wrap. He asked me if I liked it, and I replied it was okay until someone has a pop at you.

Had a ten minute nose around in Skoob books at lunchtime ferreting about for books about Jung. Several copies of a collection of essays addressing Jung's 'anti-Semitic shadow' struggling with the thorny problem of Jung's antisemitism. Very thorny when you consider that he had long term Jewish lover, revered (albeit only for a few years) Freud as a mentor and father figure and had loads of Jewish friends and employees.

Home and met Lorraine on the street and we drove Mum's art around to Janet's place. It was a flying visit however, with only the briefest of chats. Anton was coming around for supper, and to impart iPad lore to Lorraine. Looked at a book about the coast-to-coast walk he is planning in the summer. Lorraine had cooked a nice meal, and chatted a good deal to Anton about his current challenges.

Very tired tonight. Greatly looking forward to the weekend. Although absolutely delighted to have had this work, I'm finding a six day week with lengthy commutes fairly challenging.

Below not very good shots of the Shard this morning through the train window. Another murky day, but more of the Shard visible than yesterday.

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