Saturday, May 05, 2012

Brighton life

Woke up at at 8:30 which amounts to a massive two hour lie in. Had a nice leisurely morning. I got some provisions from Arkwrights and made Mum and Lorraine a scrambled egg and fried vine tomato on toast breakfast. Also spoke to Alf the plumber about the Twitten.

Off into town then,  Mum up to Janet and Ken's place and Lorraine and I caught the last minutes of the children's parade, the final samba marching band, and the last school. Luckily the rain had declined to drought it down for a few minutes.  Lorraine and I stopped off to have coffee and discover an amazing bead shop, which made me want instantly to create small bead murals. They were amazing things, and Lorraine was laughing at me getting worked up about them.

Then off to see Diva II, at Janet's house. Lots of good work there, and Janet and Mum's work looking fine. Lots of good work to see there, and well worth a visit. I am going back tomorrow armed with my wallet.

In the afternoon I went to the Basketmakers for a long catch up with Matt. Excellent to see him. This new German connection looking promising, and I was pleased to tell him that CD Baby had been in touch asking for more CDs. Discussing a range of things including Paul Wittgenstein the one armed pianist, and brother of the philosopher.

Home and a lovely supper cooked by Lorraine, and trying to watch the FA Cup final, but couldn't as Chelsea were playing quite poorly. However certainly enjoyed the highlights later, able to watch being knowing they had scraped a 2-1 victory. I know it is only football, but they really have had a remarkable turnaround in fortunes since March.

Nice chats with Mum this evening too.. A nice slice of Brighton Life today.

Below some of Mum's cat heads, and Matt and John from the pub.

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