Monday, May 28, 2012


The hour come round at last, Lorraine sloping off to her first ever two-day interview for a real headteacher post. I meanwhile spent the day placidly, went to the gym, worked on The New Idea and prepared salad-based fare for Lorraine to eat when she returned, and generally tried to be supportive.

A nice letter from Richard today, along with a copy of a Thomas Tallis CD to complement my Hilary Mantel craze.

Cath arrived a little before Lorraine did, armed with a pot of yellow roses. Lorraine getting loads of reinforcement and encouragement from Dawn and Rosie and others too. Then she worked late getting things ready for day two tomorrow. I kept her company working on my stuff upstairs. I really admire Lorraine's capacity to grit her teeth and get on with things.

Spoke to Janet who said an owner of a local gallery had visited her open house on the last day and had liked some of Mum's work, fish pictures and cat heads. Could be the start of something good. Also spoke to Mum, who seemed cheery despite needing urgent dental work recently on a cracked tooth.

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