Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Extra Betty

Worked this morning on The New Idea, breaking off to watch Betty being an extra, tossing her hair in shot over the shoulders of actors in the risible TV series Made in Chelsea. Surely shots that will one day feature in some retrospective of the great comedienne Betty is destined to be.

A note from Matt saying he'd liked the lyrics for the song cycle I'd sent him.

Thence to the gym and an afternoon of work. Lorraine cooked cauliflower and potato curry tonight, and revelling in not having to do even more work. Later I slipped off for a late and cheeky beer with Anton in the evening in a half empty brasserie called The Breeze with the all important wifi connectivity, discussing a great deal, including The New Idea, and how if you listen to the audiobook of the Lord of the Rings, while simultaneously reading it on your iPad, you can block out the entire world. Bumped into Simon Scardanelli as we left the Breeze, fresh from the launch of an album he'd produced, bottle of champers tucked under his arm.

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