Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Salad days

Finished Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall, and immediately downloaded its sequel as an audiobook, just released, called Bring up the Bodies. Finding that Hilary Mantel's excellently done Tudor mayhem and wrangling is a pleasant antidote to thinking about about advertising that I am doing for The New Idea. I wonder what the state of advertising was in 1530?

A pleasant sunny day though, and warm up in the rafters of the Old Church Hall where I do my scribing. And felt the sun on my head as I mooched gingerly to the gym. I need new gym clothes, as I feel like a tramp. Not that I talk to anyone there particularly. Then tramping into the supermarket to buy the fixin's for nice salad. I made a pretty tricolore with fresh basil and mozzarella (so simple), new potatoes with chives and mayonnaise and various other leafy wonders. Lorraine home and exhausted, I fed her with aforementioned salads, then she had half an hour on the sofa and was back at work again till gone ten. I kept her company working on the next desk.

Lorraine discovered a parcel for me  from New Zealand that had been left outside our next door neighbours. It was Amanda's two games Raid the Pantry and Komodo. Unpacked them last thing. They look excellent: a completely professional job. Once L had done her headteacher interview, we shall get down to some gaming.

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Amanda said...

Glad they arrived safely. You can never tell with a parcel containing both dugongs and pizza dough. Let me know how you get on with the game experience.